Five Tips for Easy Access to PeopleSoft

    Enabling mobile access to PeopleSoft ERP data is one of the primary goals for many organizations.And given the current scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has becomemore of a necessityin order to ensure business continuity without any hindrance. It goes without saying thatthe stakes are high owing to security concerns thatarise when transactions are made available online. In this context, here are (5) best practices to consider:

    1) Identity and Access Management

    The commonly used security model involving a username/password is grossly inadequate to restrict unauthorized access effectively. PeopleSoft passwords are inherently weak, simple to crack,and many users often have several passwords.In recent times, a huge upsurge in the number of phishing attacks has been evidenced. Therefore, a strong identity and access management system must be put in place that can effectively deal with all potential security threats.

    2) Align Identity Provider Authentication (IdP)

    This is best achievedwith an IdPintegrated enterprise Single Sign-On. For PeopleSoft, your IdP happens to be the best authentication database because corporate password mandates centrally provide it and govern it as well. That makes the entire process streamlined.

    3) Use Multi-Factor Authentication

    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an effective identity-checking method. While this functionality should be a standard part of a security posture at login, an adaptive MFA is highly recommended as it helps in integration that involves the proper alignment of multi-factor authentication deployment with different levels of access risk.

    Adaptive MFA ensures that contextual attributes (e.g., device, location, network, etc.) are the determinants of MFA challenges. This helps align various risk levels with access policies. Access background differs when it comes to a mobile environment, and your control level will do the same. Adaptive MFA thus helps you achieve a higher level of control.

    4) Prevent Unauthorized Data Exfiltration

    Data leakage is the leading source of breaches. When access is remote, data exfiltration becomes riskier, mostly because the devices are no more regulated. In the context of remote access, limiting reporting and queries helps ensure that data does not getexfiltrated on an unauthorized device.

    Additionally, the exposure of sensitive data can be minimized by enforcing data masking on sensitive fields.

    5) Improve Your Data Access Visibility

    It is evident that you are at risk if you don’t log data on access and use. Visibility of user activity and behavioris important to identify and address all possible security threats.

    At the same time, routine audits are extremely important to understand what exactly is happening inside your applications. They also help you decide if further steps are required.

    How Can Appsian Enable Mobile Access to PeopleSoft?

    Appsian provides a sophisticated platform for you to have complete control and visibility over your ERP data. We help you by significantly enhancing your ability to: authenticate users, manage privileged access, view user activity, limit data exposure, detect and respond to threats.

    With Appsian, more than 250 customers worldwidehave securely and successfully expanded their access to PeopleSoft. Let’s show how we can help you maximize your PeopleSoft investment!

    Request for a demo today and ensure complete peace of mind with Appsian.

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