Tips for Implementing SAML-Based Single Sign-On in PeopleSoft

    Security Assertion Markup Language or SAML, as it is better known, is a standard that allows identity providers (IdPs) to transfer credentials to service providers for authorization. SAML transactions use Extensible Markup Language (XML) to provide structured communication between the IdPs and service providers. SAML is the link between a user’s identity authentication and the authorization to use a service.

    A Single Sign-On (SSO) based on SAML offers the following significant advantages:

    Centralized User Access Control: A unified user ID registry with a centralized management interface allows user credentials to be quickly and conveniently provided and deactivated

    Increased Security: Authentication is assigned to the SAML IdP, so sophisticated authentication mechanisms ensure greater security

    Single Identity: A stable, enterprise-wide network that can be centrally controlled and protected with a common password and security setting

    Reducing IT Staff Costs: Less time is spent on user account management, password communication, and group assignment

    Boost User Experience and Tool Adoption Rate: The ease of use promotes faster adoption of the application

    PeopleSoft and SAML SSO

    However,notwithstanding the advantages mentioned above, implementing a SAML-based PeopleSoft Single Sign-On is easier said than done. This is primarily because PeopleSoft lacks native SAML SSO support. In such a scenario, implementing Single Sign-On like OKTA, Azure AD, Ping Identity, etc. can present challenges, alienating PeopleSoft from the identity and access management (IAM) of the organization. It poses significant data security risks too.

    The SAML format is used by today’s most common Identity Providers (IdPs), including ADFS, Shibboleth, OKTA, Ping, and Azure. Owing to the lack of native support for SAML by PeopleSoft, the implementation of PeopleSoft SAML SSO requires custom coding to handle SAML assertions, which requires specialized knowledge. Often, there is a need for additional hardware too. It also includes spinning up and connecting the current environment with additional webserver. The application management and engineering teams are overburdened with the extra workload after deployment. This entire system demands continuous maintenance. To top it all, there is always a risk of runaway costs.

    As such, when custom coding is done, there is no standardized support available. Besides, any support activity needs highly specialized knowledge and skills, well acquainted with the customization.

    The Appsian Advantage

    This is where the only available turnkey solution from Appsian that successfully overcomes these issues comes into the picture. Appsian addresses these PeopleSoft SAML SSO challenges by delivering the SAML integration layer required to connect PeopleSoft, an Identity Provider, and enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO).

    It enables customers of PeopleSoft to incorporate SAML SSO Identity Providers such as Azure AD, ADFS, OKTA, Shibboleth, etc. without customizations, additional servers, or hardware. The only turnkey solution available, it:

    • Removes PeopleSoft login if the user already has Identity Provider authentication

    • Makes deep-link navigation simpler without re-authentication

    • Enables numerous Identity Providers to be leveraged by organizations

    • Does not incorporate new hardware or customizations

    Using Appsian, organizations can integrate their SAML SSO using their IdP(s) quickly.

    Appsian ensures native SAML compatibility to provide seamless Single Sign-On in PeopleSoft. Existing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions such as Duo ® can be integrated at the login and transaction level to provide an adaptive, risk-conscious MFA that enables zero trust without creating user friction.

    For PeopleSoft customers, this provides various advantages:

    Centralized Identity and Access Management: Helps you simultaneously help multiple IdPs, centralizing the identity and access management processes

    Quickest Path to PeopleSoft Single Sign-On: Requires no further customizations. Plug into your current infrastructure, and go-live in two weeks flat

    Complete Scalability: With PeopleSoft updates, a configurable solution eliminates complexity (no chance of code-breaks)

    Enhanced Security: Enforce a consistent identity policy for all users, computers, and PeopleSoft applications

    Improved Productivity: Remove cumbersome integration and provisioning projects, help desk password resets, manual de-provisioning, and locking out of users from their applications

    Less Complexity: No customization of PeopleCode is required for implementation. Automated authentication processes minimize identity infrastructure costs Appsian’s turnkey solution delivers the fastest and most economical way of implementing a PeopleSoft SAML Single Sign-On project ever. It’s high time organizations consolidated their identity and access management processes and, at the same time, enhance their security postures.

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