Why Employers Still Look for PeopleSoft Skills

    PeopleSoft is a massive, monolithic system that was launched way back in 1988. Though competing with the faster and cheaper cloud and SaaS solutions, PeopleSoft applications are being used by organizations worldwide even now.

    With this in mind, PeopleSoft skills are a huge advantage to have on your resume, and well-paid, committed PeopleSoft jobs are still available today. Some businesses haven’t updated their in-house software, especially when it comes to non-revenue generating verticals like Human Resources or Logistics.

    How PeopleSoft Will Support Your Career?

    The demand for experts in PeopleSoft will remain steady, whatever happens in the general ERP market. Learning these skills also opens up some new career possibilities, and there are openings for those looking to switch from IT to HR jobs and vice versa.

    PeopleSoft analysts require two competencies: a technical awareness of PeopleSoft applications and related database skills such as SQL, and an understanding of the business processes that PeopleSoft applications serve. This can include some nuanced concepts in relation to preparing workflows and resource management, depending on how PeopleSoft has been implemented. The ideal candidate for a job relevant to PeopleSoft is someone who is both highly competent in IT and knows how to build and execute organizational processes like HR policies.

    Few people are experienced in both these fields, but working with PeopleSoft is a perfect way to expand your skillset. If you have an IT background, such a position will give you a profound understanding of the techniques and methods needed to coordinate large numbers of people, resource management systems, and workflow control. These are qualities that are immensely transferable and bring long-term value to your resume.

    Similarly, if you are in HR at the moment and are looking to join the IT market, you can use your PeopleSoft skills to develop your new career. A successful first step towards qualification is getting an understanding of the system and knowing how to implement it for the best outcomes in real-time. Learning about system administration, software development skills, and SQL would be a part of moving down the path to PeopleSoft certification. You can stay focused on PeopleSoft from there, or take a look at a whole new IT profession.

    PeopleSoft Skills: Setting You Apart

    The best thing about the experience of PeopleSoft is that it gives you great insight into how big businesses work, both in terms of management and technological infrastructure. It isn’t easy to obtain that skillset and thus has great significance in the job market.

    PeopleSoft, meanwhile, is not going anywhere. It still provides companies worldwide with an immense amount of IT infrastructure. It’s now over 30 years old and still going strong.

    Even if an organization has IT specialists, mainly because they’re focused on other skillsets, they are not well-versed in PeopleSoft. This leads to a shortage of qualified PeopleSoft workers, meaning their value is growing. Many who are PeopleSoft developers or architects can make the most of this sort of situation. The fact is, PeopleSoft skills are still in demand. PeopleSoft continues to receive commendation for the work it does and for the new developments it implements. Whether it’s the complete package or just a couple of programs, several companies are still using PeopleSoft worldwide, and it is here to stay.

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