An Overview Of SAP Security: What you Need to Know

    Within the SAP landscape, SAP security determines what data and processes users can access. It’s an area that incorporates many distinct cybersecurity components, ranging from access control to security at the application level to data protection. SAP security services are based on keeping the system and its data (and consequently, your company) safe from a wide variety of security threats while doing as little to interrupt business operations as possible. Users are usually granted only enough access to do their work.

    The role of SAP security services is to ensure that each user only has access to the minimum required access they are supposed to have, preventing workers from unintentionally compromising information to which they do not have access (or potentially creating a security issue should they compromise sensitive information). 

    Understanding SAP Security

    SAP security is a balancing act that requires all the tools, procedures, and controls set up to limit what users can access in a SAP environment. This helps to ensure that users can only access the features they need to do their work. They should be prohibited from seeing or modifying details that they are not supposed to see. The access controls need to be seamless at the same time, so individuals do not get locked out of their workflows and waste unproductive time getting back to work.

    Let’s have an understanding of three primary areas: how SAP security functions with GRC, the distinction between SAP security and cybersecurity, and how managed security services can support the SAP security needs of your company.

    Although GRC analyses the capacities of users in the system and establishes policies that fulfill compliance criteria, SAP security periodically implements such policies by providing new users and finding system gaps that do not comply with GRC. Similarly, while SAP security focuses primarily on insider threats, external threats are centered on cybersecurity. A managed security services partner will help track, revamp, and remedy any security threats and findings and assist the IT team with the sheer variety of risks involved in the SAP security environment.

    SAP Security Basics: Security vs. GRC

    SAP security is not the same as governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). GRC audits user access to spot user privilege or behavior issues, then puts together a compliant provisioning software that uses SAP security tools to enforce it.

    SAP Security: Access Control Basics

    Roles are assigned by SAP security to users. Each role requires users to perform some transactions (processes within the SAP system). The user gets permission to perform particular tasks while running a transaction.

    For a position, admins create a standard role under SAP security best practices, which can then be delegated to someone holding that position. For example, a business might create a position of financial consultant that requires each consultant to conduct a collection of credit limit-related transactions and other tasks that their job covers. To address customer credit limits, each consultant will obtain SAP HANA security authorization, but only for their own customers. It helps the advisors do their jobs while mitigating the security threats they face.

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